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The classification of the alloy

May. 28, 2018

According to the content in the alloy and the name of the main metal, the classification called XXX alloys, such as high copper content in copper alloy, its performance is mainly maintain the performance of the copper.

Alloy type
(1) mixture alloy (eutectic mixture), when the liquid alloy solidification, constitute a alloy components of crystal alloy, respectively, such as cadmium alloy solder, bismuth, etc.;
(2) solid solution alloy, when liquid alloy solidification form solid solution alloy, such as gold and silver alloy, etc.;
(3) intermetallic compound alloy, the alloy components each other to form compounds, such as copper, zinc, brass (beta brass, gamma - brass and epsilon - brass), etc.

Many performance is better than that of pure metal alloy, it mostly used in the application materials in the alloy (see iron alloy, stainless steel).

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