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Causes Of Scratches On The Surface Of Aluminum Profiles

Jun. 15, 2019

Here is A Aluminum Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer talking about Causes Of Scratches On The Surface Of Aluminum Profiles.

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Aluminum profile surface: causes of scratches, abrasions, and scratches:

1. Impurities attached to the surface of the ingot

2. Segregation of ingot composition, a large amount of segregation float on the surface

Aluminum Electronic Enclosure Manufacturer

3. When the ingot is not homogenized or homogenized, the ingot contains a certain amount of hard metal particles. Metal flows through the work belt during extrusion

These segregation floats or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the work belt or cause damage to the work belt, eventually causing scratches on the surface of the profile.

4. There is debris in the mold cavity or working belt, and the hardness of the working belt of the mold is low so that the surface of the working belt is injured during the extrusion and the profile is scratched;

5. There are bare metal or graphite strips in the discharge track or pendulum. Scratching the surface of the profile when it comes into contact with the profile;

6. When the fork rod is sent from the discharge rail to the swinging bed, the profile is scratched due to the excessive speed;

7. Artificially dragging the profile on the bed to cause scratches;

8. The friction or extrusion between the profiles during transportation causes damage.

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