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Surface Heat Quality Requirements For Profile Fins

Mar. 26, 2019

Here is Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer talking about Surface heat quality requirements for profile fins. 

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Surface heat quality requirements for profile fins:

Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer

1. The surface of the heat sink should be free from defects such as shrinkage holes, rust, cracks;

2. The flat-shaped radiator metal fasteners (pressing plate, gland, disc spring), the conductive sheet of the water-cooled heat sink should be coated with plating;

3. The maximum allowable value of the roughness Ra of the surface of the heat sink is 3.2m;

4. The flatness of the radiator surface should be no less than 9;

5. Radiators (including heat sinks, fasteners, and insulation parts) commonly used in wet tropical power semiconductor devices, the surface should be protected, and its resistance to humidity, salt spray and mold resistance should be consistent with the corresponding tropical power semiconductors. Device standard

6. Fasteners and insulation parts for radiators shall comply with GBB446.3 (heat sink insulation and fasteners for power semiconductor devices)

7. The tightening torque or tightening pressure of the radiator and power semiconductor installation shall comply with the relevant provisions of the device product standard;

8. Mounting center positioning pin size of flat-shaped radiator table: 2.5mm in diameter, higher than the table.

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