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High Quality Aluminum Sunroof Track For You

Aug. 18, 2018

The Aluminum sunroof track is the main structural component of the sunroof of the car, and the product performance directly affects the life of the sunroof and the comfort of driving. The profiles of the sunroof rails have the following characteristics: the shape and structure of the product are complex, the symmetry is poor, the cantilever is large, the matching size is large, the wall thickness is generally less than 3 mm, and the product extrusion difficulty coefficient is large. The profile has many mechanical chutes, strict dimensional requirements, and partial section dimensional tolerances exceed the national standard of ultra-high precision standards. The car sunroof rail profile is installed in the sunroof system and is matched with the roof to be a functional part. Most profiles require mechanical processing and heat treatment such as stamping, arc bending, aging, and turning. Automotive sunroof rail profiles have a certain degree of corrosion resistance, and are subjected to anodizing, electrophoretic painting and other surface treatments. 

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Aluminum Sunroof Track

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