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Some Tips For Machining Aluminum Alloys

Sep. 17, 2018

Machining aluminum alloys for aerospace, electronic equipment, computers, and other software presents lots of challenges for CNC machine stores. If you are thinking of expanding your abilities to include producing aluminum metal components, there are a number of significant factors to think about:

1. If your store is based heavily on vertical machining centers, you might want to think about adding a Horizontal machining center for aluminum metal production. HMCs give superior chip controller, automated pallet indexing and turning (B axis) as a part of the basic layout.

2. Aluminum alloys are more vulnerable to temperature variations. Hence a system application made both structurally and via advanced reimbursement hardware and software for optimal thermal stability will allow you to maintain tolerances more exactly.

3. Although aluminum is much more free cutting than tougher stuff, it absorbs a significant amount of horsepower, particularly with competitive speeds and feed prices. The spindle ought to be able to speeds in excess of 12,000 RPM using a sufficient horsepower score for your own applications.

4. For optimal efficiency machining aluminum alloys, you ought to be able to employ high-pressure coolant at 1000 psi during several machining operations, and also be in a position to flush chips from the outer zone. A programmable, variable pressure process is your ideal option for many programs.

5. Aluminum chips may create a bottleneck for your workflow and regular hinge belt conveyors might be unable to keep up with the requirements of your machining operation. The very best solution is a self-cleaning, filtering chip conveyor which may filter coolant to 250 or 500 microns.

6. Machining complicated contours in aluminum alloys need a complex control system which permits you to program many axes, control shape, support NURBS interface, programming with numerous CAD/CAM applications, plus even more.

7. There is a range of different elements to take into account when machining aluminum alloys, such as tooling, in-process or post-process review, and loading and unloading parts.

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Machining Aluminum Alloys

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