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Why Do You Want To Install Aluminum Doors And Windows At Home?

Apr. 01, 2019

Here is Aluminum Furniture Handle Wholesaler talking about Why do you want to install aluminum doors and windows at home.

Why do you want to install aluminum doors and windows at home? Today we will talk about the importance of it!

So what is the use of it?

Aluminum Furniture Handle Wholesaler

1. Decorative:

Aluminum profile doors and windows have a variety of surface treatment technologies such as powder coating, anodizing, electrophoretic coating, wood grain transfer processing, etc., and the surface color has a large choice of various colors, such as white, green and other colors, wood grain, granite and other surfaces. 

2. Fire performance

Aluminum door and window fire performance is relatively good.

3. Sound insulation performance

The sound insulation performance of aluminum door and window is mainly due to the sound insulation effect of glass which accounts for about 80% of the window area. The gap sealing level of aluminum alloy doors and windows is better, and the sound insulation performance is also better.

Therefore, it is necessary to install aluminum profiles and windows in the home. It can not only have a variety of decorative features, but also fireproof, lightning protection, and can also isolate noisy noise.

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