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How To Identify Whether The Aluminum Profile Is Qualified?

Nov. 20, 2018

There will be outflows of non-conforming products in the production of industrial aluminum profiles. Let the China OEM aluminum profiles supplier tell you how to identify industrial aluminum profiles!

1. The chemical composition is unqualified. The industrial aluminum profile extruded by the aluminum rod doped with a large amount of scrap aluminum exceeds the standard. The iron content is too high, which will cause the aluminum material to have dark hair and no luster. What is more serious is that the hardness is not up to standard.

2. The film thickness is unqualified, there are businesses in order to reduce the cost of electricity and other costs, reduce oxidation time, resulting in unqualified oxide film thickness, affecting the corrosion resistance of industrial aluminum. The normal film thickness should be no less than 10μ.

3. The wall thickness is unqualified. Some industrial aluminum profiles are calculated according to the price of rice. Therefore, the thinner the wall thickness is, the lower the cost. The wall thickness of qualified industrial aluminum profiles is strictly controlled according to the drawings, and cannot exceed the range.

4. The shape tolerance is unqualified, which is generally the technical level of the manufacturer needs to be improved, it may be that the extruder is too old, the mold design is unreasonable, the extrusion ratio is unreasonable and so on.

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