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Optimization And Design Of Hollow Aluminum Profile Mould

Jun. 17, 2019

Here is Aluminum Profile For Electric Torch Manufacturer talking about Optimization And Design Of Hollow Aluminum Profile Mould.

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Optimization of Partial Large Section Hollow Aluminum Profile Mould:

In the case of conventional design, the hollow aluminum profiles with large hollow sections often have a large surface wave, uneven plane clearance, obvious weld defects, etc. These problems occur, usually due to the irrationality of the mold design structure. To this end, the author in the mold design: the upper mold uses a partial bridge, the lower mold in the silo with convex rib design.

Aluminum Profile For Electric Torch Manufacturer

Due to defects in the large surface of the profile and the gap between the plane gaps in the production process, it is generally caused by the fact that the large-surface splitting hole is close to the center and the metal flow rate is fast. Therefore, it is appropriate to place the large-faced die hole in the welding chamber. The length of the rib, so that when the metal flows to the die hole, the rib acts as a low wall to hinder the flow of the metal, and if the obstruction is too much, it is also convenient to repair the mold. At the same time, the quality of certain welds is also optimized accordingly.

For some rectangular cavities, the square tube profiles with larger aspect ratios, the weld line often appear on the large decorative surface.

The weld is formed because the flow of metal through the split hole is not sufficiently welded before entering the hole under the splitter bridge. Obtaining high-strength and high-quality welds are, of course, our ideal. However, if the weld is inevitably present on the large side of the profile or on the decorative surface during the production process, it may be as far as possible from the large or decorative surface. In the case of a splitter as in the form of (Fig. 2), the center line of the molded bridge is shifted outwards (a: b = 2:1, a1 = a2). Generally, since the metal flow velocity in the large-surface split hole is fast, when the form of the split bridge is designed to be a bridge type, this increases the space in which the flow in the large-surface split hole is filled to both sides, and with the center of the split bridge The outward offset of the line, the position of the flow soldering station also moves outward. Therefore, this adjusts the flow rate of the large surface metal and makes the weld be away from the center.

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