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Optimization Of Double-die Hole Easy-to-wall Hollow Aluminum Profile Mould

Jun. 24, 2019

Here is Aluminum Walking Aid Manufacturer talking Optimization of double-die hole easy-to-wall hollow aluminum profile mould.

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Aluminum Walking Aid Manufacturer

Under normal circumstances, whether the two mold holes are discharged up and down or left and right discharge, the metal flow rate near the center side is fast, and the supply is sufficient, so that the upper mold core is elastically deformed outward, causing the profile to be away from the center and the wall is thin. Partial wall defects. Therefore, in the mold design process, when the section size of the profile is increased, the offset dimension of the cross-wall which usually produces the partial wall is previously set. If the two die holes share the center split hole, in order to ensure a relatively stable supply of the two dies holes, a baffle type splitter bar can be added in the middle position of the two holes in the bin, which is also advantageous for mold repair.

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