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Reasons For Choosing A Heat Sink

Mar. 13, 2019

Here is Aluminum Electronic Heat Sink Factory talking about Reasons For Choosing A Heat Sink. 

Custom Aluminum Electronic Heat Sink has been widely used in today's society and is favored by more and more people. So, what features does it have to get so many hearts? Let's just decrypt it.

Custom Aluminum Electronic Heat Sink

The profile radiator is a heating radiator that uses a welding process to synthesize a heat pipe (low carbon steel) and a heat dissipation wing (aluminum profile). The common name is also a radiator. It adopts the automatic spiral expansion tube process, the expansion tube has no gap, the surface adopts the new technology of electrostatic spray molding, and the temperature is solidified at 180 degrees. After several times of 100% airtight pressure detection, the working pressure is 1.5mpa. The products can be made into various specifications of different models, and are widely used in public buildings such as residential quarters, villas, dormitories, factory houses, hotels, office buildings, etc.

1. The heat dissipation is good. The biggest characteristic of the profile radiator is that the heat dissipation effect is 30% faster than the traditional cast iron radiator.

2. The quality is very stable. Profile radiators are much more stable than traditional cast iron radiators.

The cost-effectiveness of the profile radiator is unparalleled. The variety and style of the profile radiator are many and can be matched with any interior decoration style.

If you have a common angle, arc shape, bamboo stool shape, and bathhouse common shape and more than 200 colors. In addition, the profile radiator adopts electrophoretic paint and spray coating, and it is lubricated, without edges and corners, preventing bumps and no purification. Plus all the performance. Profile radiators can have many additional properties, such as the use of profiled radiators to make screens, guardrails, seats and step ladders in the building.

3. Various shapes, more choices of colors.

4. Good thermal performance can obtain higher convective heat dissipation, with the highest thermal comfort.

5. The heat dissipation speed is fast in a short time, and the heat dissipation effect is obvious.

6. Lightweight, high pressure, can be used for high-rise or super high-rise buildings, can be matched with various types of house decoration, no need for secondary renovation.

7. Low production cost, stable product quality, and moderate price.

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