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Factors Affecting The Frame Of Aluminum Profiles

Nov. 01, 2018

Here are a few key factors that affect the aluminum profile frame in terms of raw materials.

1. The extrusion defect.

In the extrusion process of aluminum profiles, due to the perfect machine equipment, the maturity of the processing technology and the improper operation of employees, aluminum profiles such as white spots, inclusions, delamination, chromatic aberration, distortion, etc., may affect the quality of the aluminum profiles.

2. The oxide film is thin.

The thickness of the oxide film of the general standard industrial aluminum profile should be not less than 10um (micrometer). If the thickness is not enough, the surface of the aluminum profile is prone to rust, corrosion and shortens the service life. In order to save costs, there are some aluminum profiles manufacturers with no name, site, production license and certificate. The thickness of the oxide film is only 2 to 4 um, and some even have no oxide film.

3. The chemical composition is unqualified.

In order to retain customers, some manufacturers can reduce the cost by incorporating a large number of aluminum profiles of aluminum and aluminum. However, the chemical composition of industrial aluminum profiles is unqualified, which seriously jeopardizes the life of aluminum profiles.

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