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Factors Affecting The Peeling Strength Of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels

May. 06, 2019

Here is Aluminum Extrusion Screen Manufacturer talking about Factors Affecting The Peeling Strength Of Aluminum Plastic Composite Panels.

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The production of aluminum-plastic composite panels is very simple for laymen, but in fact, it is a new product with high technical content, so there is a certain technical difficulty in the quality control of aluminum-plastic composite panels. Today, we will mainly talk about the factors affecting the 180° peel strength of aluminum-plastic composite panels.

The quality of the aluminum foil itself. Although this is a relatively hidden problem, it has been reflected in the quality of aluminum composite panels. On the one hand, there is a problem of heat treatment of aluminum, and on the other hand, some aluminum sheets and producers have poor quality control when using recycled aluminum. This requires the producers of aluminum-plastic composite panels to evaluate all aspects of the material producers and determine the qualified sub-contractors to establish business contacts to ensure material quality. Pre-treatment problems with aluminum panels. The cleaning of the aluminum sheet and the quality of the layer are directly related to the composite quality of the aluminum-plastic panel. The aluminum plate is first cleaned to remove surface oil impurities, etc. so that a dense chemical layer is formed on the surface to facilitate good bonding of the polymer film. However, some manufacturers do not control the temperature, concentration, treatment time, and processing liquid update of the treatment liquid during the pretreatment process, which affects the cleaning quality. What's more, some new manufacturers use aluminum sheets without any pretreatment. All of this will inevitably result in poor composite quality, low or unstable 180° peel strength.

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The choice of the core material. Because the bond between the polymer film and PE is more effective and cheaper than other plastics, it is non-toxic and easy to process. Therefore, the core material uses PE. In order to reduce the cost, some small manufacturers use PVC with poor bonding effect and fatal gas when burning, or use PE recycled materials or PE raw materials mixed with the undercuts. This will result in a different composite temperature due to the difference in the type and age of the PE, and the surface is unstable in composite quality.

The selection of polymer membranes. The polymer film is a kind of bonding material with special properties, which affects the main factors of composite quality. The polymer film has two sides and three layers are coextruded. One side is bonded to the metal, the other side is bonded to PE, and the middle layer is a PE substrate, and the properties on both sides are completely different. The prices of the materials on both sides are very different. The materials associated with the aluminum plate shop need to be imported and are expensive. The material that blends with PE can be produced domestically, so some polymer film manufacturers make a big fuss about this and use PE fusion materials in large quantities to cut profits and make profits. The use of polymer membranes is directional, and the front and back sides cannot be replaced. The polymer film is a self-coating film, and incomplete melting leads to pseudo-composite. In the early stage, the strength is high and the time is long. Because of the weathering, the strength will be reduced, and even the phenomenon of bubbling or opening of the glue will occur.

The peeling strength of the aluminum-plastic panel has a great relationship with the production equipment. After the equipment presses the aluminum sheet layer, the plastic layer and the polymer film together, it is baked for a certain period of time after heating to the preset temperature, even if the compound is good, then Cool down. This heating, high temperature compounding and cooling three steps are the key and core steps in the production process. The control of time and temperature directly determines the quality of the composite.

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