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Electronic Radiator Purchase Points

Apr. 22, 2019

Here is a Customized Aluminum Electronic Heat Sink Supplier talking about Electronic radiator purchase points.

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Customized Aluminum Electronic Heat Sink

Material selection:

The material selected by water quality and heating method

Steel series: beautiful appearance, exaggerated artistic style; fear of oxidation, internal anti-corrosion treatment; should be full of water maintenance.

Aluminum series: lightweight, low cost and high efficiency, versatile shape, white alkaline corrosion, internal anti-corrosion treatment; copper-aluminum composite series (bimetal heating); copper waterway anti-corrosion, aluminum fin heat dissipation, strong combination Good anti-corrosion effect, single shape: all copper,

Stainless steel series - good anti-corrosion effect and slightly higher price.

Bathroom series: various styles, strong artistic, heavy anti-corrosion, and many additional functions (towel bar, mirror, etc.).

Selection style:

According to the economic ability to choose the brand, according to the decoration style to set the color. You can calculate your current expenses and choose the grade and brand according to the budget of your heating. Choose colors and styles based on the overall style of the home and your own preferences.

Install service:

The heating decoration is heavy in installation. After you choose high-quality, beautiful, and comfortable seating, you must not ignore the important part of the installation. The selection principle of heating installation is: professional, skilled and guaranteed.

Fixed heat dissipation:

Calculate the amount of heat dissipation based on the room area, which is “w”.

Unit building heating area unit heat index:

House 45-70; Library 45-75; Hotel 60-70; Hospital, children 65-80; Shop 63-85; Single-storey house 80-105; Theater 95-115 canteen, restaurant 115-140: Grand Auditorium, Gymnasium 115-165 (the above figures are for reference only)

In the estimation, the top or bottom of the building or bungalow should be considered, factors such as the end or middle, the inside or outside the city, the outside of the wall, and the insulation of the wall. After calculating the number of radiators, add 10%-20% of the specified size.

The size of the pipe diameter is determined according to the existing heating pipe in your home, depending on the specific installation location. The diameter of the electronic radiator is divided into 4 points, 6 points and 1-inch tube.

When you select the heating, you should select the decoration location and calculate the size, size, and number of pieces or groups of the radiator by professional measurements.

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