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Effect of Sandblasting on Aluminum Profile Surface

Nov. 23, 2018

Aluminum profiles have many uses, such as CNC machining aluminum heat sink, aluminum advertising light boxes, and the like. Aluminum profile blasting is the use of high-speed compressed air to spray the diamond on the industrial aluminum profile so that the surface of the industrial aluminum profile produces tiny depressions. These pits are even and delicate, which can not be seen with the naked eye, and there is no feel, just allows the surface of the aluminum profile to have a matte finish. Sandblasting not only gives a matte finish to the surface of the aluminum profile but also some effects we don't know.

1. Clean

Sandblasting can clear all the dirt such as scale, oil and dust on the surface of the workpiece. And it can clean off the tiny burrs on the surface of the aluminum profiled parts, making the workpiece flatter.

2. Increase the surface roughness

The blasting process can choose different surface roughness, which is not achieved by other processes. Basic work for the post-coating process (a certain roughness can improve the bonding of industrial aluminum profiles with coatings and plating).

3. Improve the mechanical properties of industrial aluminum profiles

After the sandblasting of the mechanical parts processed by the industrial aluminum profile, the lubricating oil is conveniently stored in the tiny pits on the surface of the part, so that the mechanical lubrication effect is greatly improved, thereby improving the service life of the machine.

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