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The Difference Between Aluminum Profiles Lightbox And Stainless Steel Lightbox

Nov. 06, 2018

The advertising light box frame is mostly aluminum profile billboard light box and stainless steel billboard light box. Although these two materials are not different from each other, the difference between the two products in the field of light boxes is really great. Let us know about the difference between these two materials!

1. The appearance of aluminum profiles and stainless steel. The surface treatment is rich in aluminum alloys, including electrophoresis, spraying, anodizing, etc. Stainless steel is less, aluminum profiles are more like silver, stainless steel is only shiny, both materials will not rust, and have good corrosion resistance.

2. The aluminum profile has low density, lightweight, high strength, high density of stainless steel, heavy weight, better strength and hardness than aluminum profiles.

3. The price of stainless steel is expensive, aluminum profiles are cheap.

The difference in material is roughly the same as above, but the aluminum profile is used as the frame of the advertising light box, which can effectively reduce the weight of the lightbox. Most outdoor billboards are erected in the air. If the weight is too large, it is necessary to consider the safety problem. When the measures such as reinforcement are used, the input cost becomes very large, and the aluminum profile lightbox can be installed to a large extent because of the lightweight. Stainless steel is too heavy on a large lightbox.

Aluminum profiles are more extensive than stainless steel in the manufacture of light boxes, but stainless steel is also an indispensable material for light boxes in special situations.

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Aluminum Profiles Billboard Lightbox

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