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Conventional Colors of Aluminum Profiles

Nov. 27, 2018

The conventional colors of aluminum profiles with different aluminum profiles are as follows:

1. Electrophoresis: champagne, silver, stainless steel, bronze, gold, black.

2. Oxidation: champagne, silver, stainless steel, bronze, gold, black.

3. Spray: any color.

Before the aluminum profile is painted, the aluminum profile is firstly surface treated to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum. The main process is:

1. Surface pretreatment: Clean the profile surface by chemical or physical methods, expose the pure matrix, in order to obtain a complete and compact artificial oxide film. Mirror or matte surfaces can also be obtained by mechanical means.

2. Sealing: The pore of the porous oxide film formed after anodic oxidation is sealed to enhance the anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and wear resistance of the oxide film.

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