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Congratulations To Our Factory For Shipping A Batch Of Products

Nov. 09, 2018

Congratulations to our factory for shipping a batch of OEM aluminum LED heat sink!

OEM Aluminum LED Heat Sink

After ten years of experience, we enjoy a high reputation in North China, occupying more than 80% market share in many regions and becoming the true leader in the production of aluminum in North China. Our products are mainly sold to domestic and foreign customers such as roads, automobiles, home appliances, electronics, telecommunications, machinery, hardware, etc., with the special surface or special requirements. The company has a complete industrial chain from mold design, development, production, precision processing to the most complete surface treatment in North China. It is applied to various markets with various small batches and high requirements OEM models. We always provide the best products and services for domestic and foreign customers, we always pursue quality, development and innovation.

OEM Aluminum LED Heat Sink

If you want to know other equipment such as aluminum extrusions for high speed trainOEM Aluminum Extrusions profile for refrigerator etc. Please call us at any time. We will give you the details.

OEM Aluminum LED Heat Sink

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