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Causes Of Surface Spots On Aluminum Profiles

Nov. 16, 2018

Aluminum profiles are widely used in all aspects of life, such as OEM aluminum extrusions profile for refrigerator, advertising light boxes, and industrial aluminum profiles.

In the process of anodic oxidation of industrial aluminum profiles, there are sometimes plum-blossom-like spots, which are generally formed after neutralization. From this, we summarized some reasons for the formation of spots.

1. The industrial aluminum profile snow spots produced in summer, it often appears in extruded profiles such as hollow profiles with large cross-sectional areas and curtain walls with thick walls.

2. When the Zn content of the extruded aluminum profile is between 0.02% and 0.045%, whether there is snow spot on the surface is related to the speed of air-cooling quenching.

3. In the summer, aluminum profiles with a Zn content greater than 0.02% are produced, and snow spots are prone to occur on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles. In winter, aluminum profiles with a Zn content of less than 0.045% are generally less prone to snow spot defects.

4. Snowflake-like spots appearing on the surface of industrial aluminum profiles are not resistant to corrosion. The product after the reaction of Cl ions in the washing tank or the product reacted with dilute sulfuric acid -- strictly control the tap water or well water filtration entering the plant, the water washing countercurrent, the ion test in water can rule out the factors.

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