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Causes Of Residual Air During Extrusion Of Aluminum Profiles

Nov. 12, 2018

When the aluminum extrusion press pressurizes, air remains in the aluminum profile, causing bubbles to appear inside and on the surface of the aluminum profile, resulting in defects that cannot be completely solved, and the aluminum profile becomes waste. The main factors that leave air inside the four extruded aluminum profiles are described below.

1. The long rod hot shear causes residual air. The shear plane formed when the rod is hot sheared is never perfect and vertical. The simple thermal shearing of the industrial aluminum profile causes the bending of the column to be severe, resulting in an elliptical cross section of the aluminum profile and a very large round cut.

2. The upsetting causes the air to remain. Only when the diameter of the barrel containing the aluminum ingot is larger than the diameter of the rod, the rod can be placed into the barrel containing the aluminum ingot. After applying pressure to the column inside the aluminum ingot, the rod is enlarged to the diameter of the barrel, and the gas carried must be discharged. The gas is not discharged, and it remains in the aluminum ingot and eventually becomes a bubble.

3. The air remains due to the contact of the two aluminum rods. Because the surface of the two short studs is essentially flat, the probability of carrying in and out of the air is very small. At present, there is a high-tech that prevents the two short columns from coming into contact and eliminates the possibility of air ingress.

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