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The Design Of The Battery Tray Structure

Apr. 08, 2019

Here is Custom Aluminum Solar Systems Supplier talking about The design of the battery tray structure needs to be taught in accordance with the materials. 

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Steel and aluminum materials have very large differences in strength, fatigue resistance, elastic modulus, tensile strength, compression resistance, shear resistance, and bending resistance. The use of metal alloy technology does achieve a very significant improvement in some aspects, such as strength properties, compared to pure aluminum. However, the enhancement of a single character does not mean the transfer of essential characteristics and complete changes. Especially in vehicle engineering, under dynamic and static loads, the difference in characteristics is more obvious.

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Therefore, in the structural design, although the functions are identical parts, the aluminum alloy structure cannot be equated with the steel structure design.

Domestic new energy vehicles have not been designed for a long time. The body structure or platform is a transition from a fuel car. The body structure did not make too many adaptive changes and designs. At this time, the design of the battery tray and the fixed position and form of the body can only be followed.

However, with the enlargement and popularization of the new energy market, the functional safety of the battery system has been paid more and more attention. This structural design cannot meet the new functional requirements.

For the pre-production of new energy products, during the customer's use, the product is cracked by the ear, the IP is invalid, the internal module structure is invalid, and the electrical performance is invalid. The layout of the pallet changer is unreasonable, and it is directly or indirectly. One of the main reasons.

The density of the battery body is very high, and as a battery tray or housing that carries the battery module, it is always in a heavy load state. The fatigue performance of aluminum is only half that of steel, and the modulus of elasticity is only one-third of that of steel.

If the load on the lifting lugs of the pallet is over-limit, or the difference in the force of different lifting lugs is large and uneven, the dynamic performance is even worse in the face of complicated road conditions of the vehicle. In the case of high vibration and high-stress concentration, the aluminum material is more prone to fatigue, resulting in cracking and deformation.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the tray is in the position of the lifting lug, the inner frame beam structure, cracking and other failure phenomena, and even the fixed point of the module is detached.

The aluminum lifting lugs of the pallet should be fixed in a large number and evenly arranged.

Not only that, it is not an easy task to integrate the battery module and the loaded pallet. It can stand the test of vibration experiments and is also a good way to test the design results. During the experiment, cracking of the inner frame and the tray welding and cracking of the inner frame supporting beam body are often encountered.

Preliminary analysis of the causes of cracking:

From the analysis of material properties, the stress at the fault point exceeds the stress or stress concentration that the material itself can carry.

From a process perspective, the resulting burnout during material welding changes or weakens the parametric properties of the material.

From a structural point of view, whether the cracked support beam is integral with the inner frame structure. The overall structure is more conducive to stress dispersion and uniform stress, and the vibration frequency is consistent.

Audi's battery tray design is a good example. The yellow arrow is in a state of being stressed. The internal frame passes through a uniform frame to allow the stress to be released reasonably. At the same time, it corresponds to the outer frame lifting ear hole, so that the inner and outer structures are integrated. At the same time, it can also resist damage from external collisions.

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