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Profile Aluminum Square Production Requirements

Jan. 16, 2019

The quality of profile aluminum square is derived from the high degree of aluminum found in its raw materials. On the one hand, it's derived from the specialized management in its manufacturing process, but no matter what aluminum profile, it has to pay attention to an aging process, that is, from the manufacturing process. Every link has controller management.

Oem Aluminum Furniture Handle Supplier telling you the aging process in the production process of profile aluminum square:

1. Profile aluminum square fold has to maintain precisely the exact same aging furnace, the temperature controller temperature at the furnace is involving 190-220, heat preservation for a few hours, so the hardness demand is greater for five or more hours, and the blower is blown off right after the furnace is ignored 20 After a moment of heating, the superior inspector assesses the hardness.

2. If the aging insulation profile is not full, the 1-2 frame ordinary profile (wall thickness below 2.0mm) can be placed in the same furnace, and the aging process is carried out according to the heat insulation profile process.

3. When the hanging material is put into the furnace, the profile end and the air guiding port are controlled within 80~100mm.

4. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the required temperature of the process, the aging worker measures the actual temperature in the furnace with a glass tube thermometer every 30 minutes and makes the original record.

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