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Precautions For Rubbering Of Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall

Feb. 19, 2019

Here is China Aluminum Roof Rack Manufacturers talking about Precautions for rubbering of the aluminum veneer curtain wall. 

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1. Glue injection is used from the bottom towards the top to look closely at the uniformity of this shooter. More significant is the ability and responsibility of this functioning operator.

2. After the adhesive is injected, the paste is solidified following a time period, the surface has been crusted, and as soon as the sunlight is sun-dried, with some resistance, some foaming may be overcome.

3. From the weather-resistant caulking of alloy veneer curtain walls, at the warm summer, once the sunlight is subjected to the metallic plate, particularly the surface of the aluminum veneer will hit 80 °C, at this moment, the adhesive injection is simple to cause the adhesive seam into the foam. For this reason, you should decide to inject paste in the next half of the day or on cloudy days to enhance the foaming situation.

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