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 Optimization Design Of Several Aluminum Profile Extrusion Dies(2)

Mar. 04, 2019

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3. Optimization of flat profile mold with a small opening and large hanging wall area

Under the condition of the flat mold design which is usually fully fed directly, the profile of the cantilever is easy to be deformed so much that it is broken or dropped. In this case, it can be designed as a hanging core mold, but it is not easy to repair the mold. Some profiles have very small openings and are almost closed. This can be combined, but the openings need to be tight.

Generally, the flat profile with a small opening and large armrest area can design the straight feed plate as a bridge feed plate or a cantilever bridge feed plate, and place the forceful suspended wall surface under the bridge, so that the profile can be The cantilever is protected. When the metal stream fills the die hole, the metal flow of the aluminum profile from the feed plate passes through the bridge of the bridge feed plate to block the cantilever without directly acting thereon, thereby reducing the positive pressure on the die cantilever. , thereby improving the stress state of the cantilever. Extends the life of the mold.

4. Optimized design of long section flat profile die with large length to thickness ratio

Because the length-to-thickness ratio of the profile is relatively large, the wall thickness is sometimes thin, and the flow velocity of the metal near the center is relatively fast. The flow velocity of the die hole is limited only by the length of the working tape, so deformation defects are easily generated. The bridge type feeding rice is now adopted, so that the intermediate metal flow rate can be effectively adjusted, so that the flow velocity of the die holes is balanced, and good effects can be obtained.

5. Conclusion

The practice has proved that the optimization of the above several aluminum extrusion die designs is effective in actual production. Compared with the past, the extruded aluminum alloy profile has been well formed, dimensional accuracy, easy to guarantee, and surface quality has been improved. Thereby, the production efficiency of the profile extrusion is greatly improved and the production cost of the product is lowered.

For the extrusion die design of aluminum profile products, with the rapid development of various industries, the profile shape of the profiles is complicated and diversified, and there are many shortcomings in the conventional common form design. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality profiles, it is necessary to continuously learn, accumulate, and constantly transform and innovate in production and life.

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