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Advantage of Aluminum Profile Solar Panel Extrusion

Aug. 20, 2018

As we know, people use Aluminum profile solar panel extrusion to fix and support the solar panel. Let's talk about the advantage of the panel.

1.Light, aluminum alloy density is less than one-third of stainless steel, and the price is less than double the price of stainless steel, so from the cost considerations, or the cost of aluminum alloy, coupled with the light weight of aluminum alloy, convenient transportation and installation .

2.Anti-corrosion, strong oxidation resistance, on the great advantage of corrosion resistance, is widely used in all major areas of construction and industry. The anodized aluminum profile forms a dense oxide film on the surface, which is more resistant to corrosion. Even if the surface is scratched, it will not oxidize and will not affect performance. Generally, the thickness of the oxide film of industrial aluminum profiles is about 10μ, and the thickness of the oxide film of solar frame profiles is generally 15μ.

3.Strong strength and firmness, the hardness of the general aluminum profile is 8-12HW, the hardness of the aluminum alloy frame produced by our company is above 12HW.

4.Strong tensile strength performance, before the factory leaves, the tensile test should be carried out.

5.Elastic modulus, rigidity, metal fatigue value is high, not easy to deform, can protect solar panels very well.

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Advantage of Aluminum Profile Solar Panel Extrusion

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