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Optimization Design Of Several Aluminum Profile Extrusion Dies

Feb. 27, 2019

Here is China Aluminum Picture Frame Manufacturer talking about Aluminum Profile Extrusion Dies. 

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The quality and efficacy of Oem Aluminum Profiles Supplier are closely associated with the layout and construction of extrusion die. According to many years of work training and manufacturing expertise, the writer briefly introduces several optimization layout techniques of an aluminum extrusion expire which frequently suffer from real production. Talk with colleagues. Optimization of a large part hollow profile molds These issues occur, usually because of the irrationality of this mold design arrangement.

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1. Optimization of some large section hollow profile molds

As a result of flaws in the huge surface of the profile along with also the gap between the airplane openings in the manufacturing process, it's usually brought on by the simple fact that the large-surface dividing gap is near the middle and the metallic flow speed is fast. For that reason, it's acceptable to put the large-faced expire hole at the welding room. The period of the rib, so that if the alloy flows beneath the die gap, the rib functions as a low wall to interfere with the circulation of the alloy, and whether the obstruction is too much, it's also convenient to fix the mold.

At precisely the exact same time, the standard of particular welds can be optimized so. The aluminum profile can now be shifted into a symmetrical bridge, and that can be shaped by the simple fact that the metallic flow throughout the split hole isn't satisfactorily welded before going into the hole below the split port. Obtaining high-strength and high-quality welds are, needless to say, our perfect. But when the weld is present on the huge side of this profile or around the cosmetic surface throughout the manufacturing process, it might be as much as possible from the big or cosmetic surface.

Ordinarily, because the metallic flow speed from the large-surface split hole is quick, once the kind of the split bridge is intended to be a bridge kind, this raises the distance where the flow from the large-surface split hole is stuffed to either side, and the middle of this split bridge The external offset of this line, the place of the flow soldering channel also moves externally. Thus, this corrects the flow speed of this massive surface metal and leaves the welding stand from the middle.

2. Optimization of double-die hole easy-wall hollow profile mould

Under ordinary conditions, if both mould holes have been discharged and down or left and directly release, the metallic flow speed close to the middle side is quickly, and the source is adequate, so the upper mould center is elastically deformed external, resulting in the profile to be away in the middle and the wall is thin. Partial wall flaws. Consequently, in the mould design process, once the part size of this profile is raised, the offset measurement of this cross-wall which generally generates the wall is formerly set. When both perish holes share the middle split hole, so as to guarantee a relatively steady source of both expires openings a baffle type splitter bar could be inserted in the center place of the 2 holes at the silo, which can be beneficial for fixing the mould.

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