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Why Are Aluminum Veneers Generally Surface Treated?

Jan. 12, 2019

As a China Oem Aluminum Folding Table Supplier, share some tips.

In case the aluminum veneer isn't surface treated, the look is not beautiful, and it is easily corroded in humid air, which makes it difficult to accomplish the highly decorative and strong weather resistance demands of the aluminum profile in the building materials, in order to improve the aesthetic impact and improve the corrosion resistance. For the purpose of prolonging the service life, aluminum cans are usually surface handled.

Alumina movies have"busters": one is a foundation and the other one is an acid. When alumina suits them, it undergoes a chemical reaction, which generates a chemical and is quite easy to fall off. The dishes frequently contain acid and alkali ingredients, and thus do not put the wine from the aluminum utensils to prevent damage to the aluminum pan. Additionally, don't use sand to rub the surface of the skillet. Even if you rub an oxide film, the aluminum pan will probably light up, but it is going to only make you happy. Loss of the protective film on the surface, the aluminum pan will last to oxidize the color of this alumina ash will nevertheless appear before the eyes; along with the aluminum pan is getting thinner and thinner, impacting its service life.

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