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What Is Poster Stand?

Dec. 20, 2018

The poster frames we typically see can be broken into wheeled poster frames, gimmick poster frames, along with water-filled poster frames.

Now the conventional poster frame is generally made of the aluminum alloy according to its size:

1. 60*80 single/double-sided 60*90 single/face

2. 80*120 single/face

3. 40*70

 It can also be classified as:

1. A2 Aluminum Poster Frame

2. A3 Aluminum Poster Frame

3. A4 Aluminum Poster Frame

Uses: Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel entrances, poster racks could be observed anywhere, poster racks are an exhibition display equipment utilized to express promotions, commercials, meetings or other info.

A3 Aluminum Poster Frame

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