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Aluminum Plate Curtain Wall Construction Plan

May. 20, 2019

Here is Aluminum Exhibition Profiles Manufacturer talking about Aluminum Plate Curtain Wall Construction Plan.

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Aluminum-plastic composite panel is a new type of ecological environment building material. Since its invention in the 1970s, it has been widely used for its comprehensive composite material structure and characteristics, excellent cost performance and easy processing, rich decorative effects and durability, significant resource conservation and environmental protection. In the building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising plaque, car and boat decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields. Regarding the installation of the aluminum panel curtain wall, a detailed installation process and matters to be noted during the installation process are organized here.

Aluminum Exhibition Profiles Manufacturer

First, the tools used in the curtain wall:

Non-tooth saw blade cutting machine, hand drill, impact drill, nail gun, various specifications of drill, wrench, screwdriver, hand hammer, ink line, thread hanging, nylon thread, steel tape measure, electric welder, oxygen cutting equipment, subject Dynamic suction cup, electric hanging blue, glue injection gun, pneumatic rivet gun, seat belt, etc.

Second, the preparation of materials before entering the market

This part of the work is the initial stage of the project. It should be based on the principle of construction services, completed on schedule, quality, as follows:

(1) After the contract is signed, the designer shall submit the material plan of the project in a short period of time according to the architectural drawings of the project and the plan of the curtain wall project.

(2) The project manager department cooperates with the production department to make the processing plan of the project according to the construction schedule and the actual situation of the project site, organize and arrange the production reasonably, and ensure the timely arrival of the products.

Third, the installation process

Threading → fixing the joint of the skeleton → fixing the skeleton → installing the aluminum plate → closing the structure treatment → inspection

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