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Aluminum Folding Table Advantages

Jan. 19, 2019

Customized Aluminum Table And Chairs are an outside folding table which we frequently use. Is your aluminum folding table so good? What are its characteristics? 

As China Oem Aluminum Folding Table Supplier, let's take a look at it and expect to provide you with some small references.

1. Safe to use, firm structure, able to bear relatively large weight, not easy to change, long service life.

2. Fully open aluminum folding table can be folded into a suitcase in 1 minute, lightweight, both men and women can easily lift, to any place you want to go.

3. The middle of the table can be inserted into the sun umbrella, the sunlight umbrella could be cut into two halves, put into a bag indoors, and outfitted with a strap, back on the shoulder without any effort.

4. The table legs of the aluminum alloy folding table are made of solid aluminum alloy square tube, which can bear a large weight. The structure of the whole folding table is designed according to the mechanical principle and can withstand the maximum weight with the simplest structure.

5. Aluminum alloy folding table open is a square desktop with four stools, can sit four people.

6. An aluminum folding dining table can be widely utilized in bank card outdoor promotion, outside insurance business marketing, drinking water business outdoor promotion actions, outdoor picnic, self-driving tour, lake fishing, outside grill, villa courtyard, balcony, etc.. Whatever you need a dining table And the location of the chair.

We are Oem Aluminum Folding Tables Chairs Manufacturers exporting aluminum folding table that I introduced for you. I hope you will like it.

 Customized Aluminum Table And Chairs

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