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How Should Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Be Glued?

Feb. 16, 2019

Here is China Oem Aluminum Profiles Supplier talking about Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Be Glued. 

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It's not just because of its immunity to acid and alkali, rust, rich color, self-cleaning capability, long service life, etc.. The inherent impact of this game differs, making people seem bright and memorable.

The aluminum veneer is now the hottest exterior wall decoration substance, which makes a wide design space for designers. If you wish to understand, please browse the next post.

The aluminum veneer curtain wall has been glued using a hidden adhesive seam, and it's hard to be sure the depth of the adhesive once the adhesive is glued.

1. After the installation of the curtain wall aluminum veneer, then the foam strip is stuffed. The choice of the foam strip should be selected according to how big the glue joint. The foam rod is cut open until the filling, along with the trim surface faces the inside. The thickness of the filling of the foam strips will likely be the same, and no unevenness will happen. The construction shall be completed by means of a ruler.

2. After the foam strip is filled, paste the reflective paper. The glue of the textured paper should be vertical and horizontal, and there should be no distortion.

3. During the rubbering process, the injection ought to be continuous and full, and the squeegee must be even and smooth, and there should be no jumping phenomenon.

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