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Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy Pretreated By Conductive Oxidation Process

May. 14, 2019

Here is Aluminium Clothes Drying Rack Manufacturer talking about Aluminum and aluminum alloy pretreated by the conductive oxidation process.

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Some specific methods for pretreating aluminum and aluminum alloys by a conductive oxidation process are as follows.

1.organic solvent degreasing. If the oil is not too serious, it can be soaked in the solvent for a short time; if the oil is seriously stained, apply the cotton yarn, rub the solvent, or brush with a brush. Pay attention to safety during operation, and keep the remaining solvent after use.

2. dry. Regardless of the organic solvent cleaning method, the drying process must not be omitted, otherwise, the meaning of cleaning will be lost.

Aluminum Alloy Pretreated By Conductive Oxidation Process

3. tied. The material used for tying should be aluminum wire, banned copper wire and galvanized iron wire, and the wire of the zinc layer can be removed.

A slightly larger single-piece tying should consider the lashing position and be as close as possible to the eyelet closest to the edge of the part to reduce the impact on the surface of the workpiece.

Different kinds of workpieces should not be tied together in a string, because the oxidation treatment time of aluminum with different components (grades) is different.

Pay attention to the direction in which the entangled workpiece is suspended, and avoid that the concave portion is swelled downwards.

The alkali is washed until the surface of the workpiece is cleaned.

4. alkaline washing

5. cycles of water rinse. Rinsing after caustic washing is best done with hot water first, which is good for washing alkaline substances on the surface of the workpiece. The workpiece with blind holes and slits should be reinforced with the part, and the residual solution should be cleaned and the nitric acid should be turned out to avoid oxidation.

6. nitric acid light

If the treated aluminum and cast aluminum are treated, 50 mL/L hydrofluoric acid should be added to the formulation to accelerate the removal of the insoluble matter adhering to the surface of the aluminum part during the alkaline washing.

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