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Nine Advantage Of A3 Aluminum Poster Frame

Aug. 28, 2018

The A3 Aluminum Poster Frame has the following main features:

1. The material is environmentally friendly: the aluminum profile poster frame bracket adopts aluminum profile structure, zero formaldehyde, and reusable materials.

2. Waterproof: aluminum profile poster frame is made of all-aluminum profile structure, waterproof and moisture-proof, can be directly washed and cleaned with water.

3. Fire prevention: aluminum profile poster frame has a strong heat resistance, overcoming the shortcomings of ordinary plates cannot withstand burning.

4. Impact resistance: aluminum profile poster frame has a strong impact resistance. Used under normal conditions, it can be used for fifty years.

5. No odor; the aluminum profile poster frame is made of aluminum profile and plastic steel joints in a clean environment, and the product has no odor.

6. No deformation: aluminum profile poster frame with the high-strength aluminum profile, the expansion coefficient is very small, no deformation.

7. Easy to clean: aluminum profile poster frame bracket can be cleaned with detergent and water, easy to clean.

8. The edge is firm: aluminum profile poster frame all-aluminum profile structure will not appear the problem of debonding and separation of common brackets for bonding or thermal composite sealing.

9. Good durability: the aluminum frame poster frame made of fine aluminum has reached the quality requirements of outdoor curtain wall after deep oxidation, ensuring that the product has been durable for decades.

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A3 Aluminum Poster Frame

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